Choreographer: Jenni Large
In collaboration with performers: Ashley McLellan, Mason Kelly, Georgia Rudd & Harrison Hall
Lighting designer: Thomas Roach
Music: You’re The Voice sung by John Farnham OR Heaven sung by Bryan Adams OR I Want to Know What Love is sung by Foreigner.
Costume & sound: Jenni Large
Filming: Robert Crispe and Natasha Mulhall

Baby Heaven Love Voice
Tomorrow Makers 1 | DANCENORTH
Premiere May 2017

This short work explores group improvisation within set parameters, where the dancers’ memory and decision making skills are the basis of the performance. The dancer’s attempt to repeat their initial improvisation which becomes increasingly affected by the changing frameworks of time, sound and costuming.

Repetition creates a structure for perception and expectation, meaning and meaninglessness
Remembering improvisation reveals sameness, difference and nuance Time is relevant and relational, it dictates

Processes of assimilation are gathered, refined
What does time expect of us? What do we expect of time? Is it through comparison that we find meaning?

Image credits: Jenni Large & Natasha Mulhall