Red Room for Forest Economics Congress MONA TAS Dec 2023 with Amber McCartney

Photo by Jesse Hunniford/Mona
Image Courtesy Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

SUB | Choreographed by Ashleigh Musk in collaboration with performers; Jenni Large, Maddy Kreneck & Frankie Snowdown, Araluen Arts Centre NT & The Unconformity Festival TAS

Photo by Ivan Trigo

BIG HEAT | Tasdance x Mudlark x Tasmania Championship Wrestling | Junction Arts Festival Sept 2023

Photo by Nick Hanson

Phantom Femme Fatale | Performed & Choreographed by Jenni Large, Red Line Productions/The Old Fitz, Gadigal/Sydney April 2023

Body Body Commodity | Choreographed & Performed by Jenni Large, Presented by Tasdance and Mona Foma, lutruwita/Tasmania, Feb 2023

Photo by Gabriel Comerford

From Infancy | by Ashleigh Musk for Desert Festival Mparntwe NT Sept 2022

Photo by Ivan Trigo

Wet Hard | Keir Choreographic Award 2022 winner of ‘People’s Choice Award’ 
Dancehouse & Carraige Works June-July 2022

photo by Gregory Lorenzutti

FAUX MO House Party | Tasdance | Mona Foma 2022

photo by Lusi Productions

THAW | Legs on the Wall | Sydney Festival 2022

JERK | creative development | Ruby Donohoe QLD 2021

photo by Warwick Gow

ILLUMINATE | Tasdance, pakana kanplila, DRILL, MADE, Second Echo, Stompin | TAS 2021

photo by Melanie Kate Photography

COLLISION | by Jo Lloyd | Tasdance & GUTS | Unconformity 2021

photo by Jacob Collins

FERTILE GROUND | by Ashleigh Musk & Michael Smith | Desert Festival NT 2021

photo by Ivan Trigo

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