Choreographer/Performer/Producer: Jenni Large Collaborating Performers: Georgia Rudd, Ashlegih Musk, Amber McCartney, Erin O’Rourke 
Internship Dancer: Ebony Nichols
Sound Designer/Perfomer: Anna Whitaker
Costume & Set Designer: Michelle Boyde
Lighting Designer: Chris Jackson
Auspice & Producing Partner: Tasdance
Presenting Partners: Mona Foma 2023

First Night Residency Collaborators: Erin O’Rourke, Bella Hood & Liesel Zink

This project has been made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund through a Dancenorth 4 Walls and a Floor residency,Arts QLD Judith Wright Centre First Night Showcase Residency Program, RANT ARTS, Arts Tasmania and the Australia Council for the Arts. 

Body Body Commodity

Feb 2022 development video:

July 2021 development video:
PREMIERE AT MONA FOMA 2023 Feb 17-19, Earl Arts Centre, Launceston

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‘Body Body Commodity is concerned with the commodification of the female body in relation to consumerism and capitalism.

Equally visceral and visual, an all female cast animate a mass of foam objects, exploring the dynamic between object, subject and viewer.

The work comments on our capitalist society and consumerist behaviour, where the value of material things is inextricably linked to the value we place upon women's bodies - a cultural conditioning ready for subversion, re-imagining and revolutionising.

In a social climate that is losing touch with the natural world, to centralise the female body and our relationship to it - the basis for all our relationships - is timely and necessary.

If how we relate to the world is reflected through how we relate to ourselves, can we transform all our relationships, to objects, to nature and to others, by transforming our relationship with our own bodies?’

Image credits: Gabriel Comerford 2022 (Brick wall)
& Jade Ellis 2021 (Black theatre space)