Direction, concept & curation: James Brennan & Willoh Weiland
Choreographer / dancer: Jenni Large
Dancers / collaborators: Gabriel Comerford, Kyall Shanks, Amber McCartney & Keia McGrady 
In House performers: Medhanit, Pussay Poppins, Mum, Alexa Armani, Ana, Kilimi, Nonshalant, Ayebatonye, Doompuff, Mamadeleche
Producer: Dexter Rosengrave
Production manager: Rosie Pidd
Sound designer: Jacky Collyer
Lighting designer: Nick Higgins
Presented by: Mona Foma & Tasdance


Mona Foma January 2022

Your grandma's having a house party and it's going to be lit. You and a few of your closest strangers are invited to two hours of heaven and hell in the share-house kitchen that is the new world order. Wear sneakers, wear your apron, bring a plate, and prepare your Zoom face.


Image credits:
Adam Wheeler & Mona/Jesse Hunniford