Choreographer: Jenni Large in collaboration with the dancers
Composer: Azariah Felton
Costume design: Elyse McCauliff
Lighting design: Rowan Van Blomestein
Stage & Production Manager: Tayla Siskopolous

Performers, WAAPA 2BA Students: Hannah Brookes, Tegan Carter, Danni Cook, Ella Cartelege, Harrison Cook, Yanis Fung, Paris Hall, Faith Kelly, Francesca King, Ruby Michael, Sophie Malony, Frances Orlina, Emily Rose Parry, Ruby Sutrees, Laura Tooby & Lilany Webber



WAAPA RISE Season June 10-16 2022

“Just as the silk worm spins its cocoon and is caught in it, so do humans weave the web of their own concepts and are caught in them” - Yoga Vasishtha

Cloaked and caught in the webs we woven, FLESH NET traverses a passage of collective effort, an evolution towards our combined expression.

Stretched between our dual desires for control and connectedness, we are smothered by self-imposed pollution and tangled in the socio-political complexities of our time.

And still, we reach for pleasure, cohesion and performance, acts of shared embodiment that reveal us, rendering visible the many who remain lured by the hope of transparency, ready and willing to unveil…


Image credits:
Stephen Heath Photography