Choreographer: Jenni Large
In collaboration with performers: Mason Kelly, Georgia Rudd, Samantha Hines, Felix Sampson & Sophie Gargan
Lighting designer: Jamie Schmidt
Sound: Matilde di Shabran: Sazia tu fossi alfine... Ah! Perché, perché la morte. Perfromed by: Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Julien Véronèse, Orchestre national de Montpellier Occitanie & Enrique Mazzola. Composed by: Gioacchino Rossini
Filming: Robert Crispe

Oh, how my soul flares up in a minute!
Tomorrow Makers 2 | DANCENORTH 
Premiere Nov 7-9, 2019

A presentation of the absurd and sublime through the lens of operatic narrative and the body
An examining of the subjective relationships between context and form, bodies and space, viewer and performer

A dismantling of and an ode to post-modernism, the sexualised body, operatic and contemporary forms

We assert the un-knowable
There's an invitation
Who or what is on parade?


“The final work in Tomorrow Makers 2 is hugely unexpected and outrageously fun. In her piece, Jenni encourages us to think about form and context, and whether the two combine to imply meaning, or if one is more influential than the other... There is a delicious shift in audience response to this work. We begin silent and pensive, working hard to connect the dots and find meaning as its unfolding before us, but as the unexpected becomes more absurd, stifled giggles begin to rise among the audience and build into joyous ripples of unbridled laughter. Within the frivolity, Jenni has embedded a moment that flips the gaze on the audience, reminding us that Art and meaning do not exist in a vacuum. This is a terrific, humorous piece that I’m sure left the audience with some food for thought. Once they stopped laughing.”
  -  Sarah Mattheison, Huxley Press Review

Image credits: Amber Haines