Choreographer/Performer: Jenni Large
Sound Designer: Anna Whitaker
Lighting Designer: Alex Berlarge
Stage Manager: Isabelle Milkovitsch
Producer: Dino Dimitriadis
Premiere Presenter: Red Line Productions

This project has been made possible by the Chloe Munro Fellowship and support from Tasdance.

PREMIERE SEASON The Old Fitz, April 11-16 2023
Gadigal Land/Sydney

‘Phantom Femme Fatale’ is the love-child and solo iteration of recent works, remixing movement, costume and sound in a confronting expose of sex, horror and stigma. Exploring forms and characterisations associated with femininity in a jaw clenching sequence of endurance and anticipation...

‘She is hard-edged and vampiric. Not to be dismissed as a sexist figure of male fantasy, rather a subversive character who transgresses female subjugation with assassin-like stoicism.

Strategically exploiting her physical prowess, she defiantly leans into stigmatised displays of femininity as a source self-actualisation. Working to control her image, ‘Phantom Femme Fatale’ is entrancing and haunting, confronting the audience/voyeur with formidable feminine resilience and playful power.’