Choreographer/Performer: Jenni Large
Sound Designer: Anna Whitaker
Lighting Designer: Alex Berlarge
Stage Manager: Isabelle Milkovitsch
Producer: Dino Dimitriadis
Premiere Season Presenter: Red Line Productions
Festival Partner: Desert Festival

This project has been made possible by the Chloe Munro Fellowship, Red Line Productions, Desert Festival, the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund and support from Tasdance.

PREMIERE SEASON - The Old Fitz, April 11-16 2023
Gadigal Land/Sydney

The Desert Festival, Mparntwe/Alice Springs, Sept 28-Oct 1 2023

She is hard-edged and vampiric. Not to be dismissed as a sexist figure of male fantasy, rather the ‘Phantom Femme Fatale’ is a subversive character who transgresses female subjugation with assassin-like stoicism.

Utilising the tropes of sex, horror and comedy, she strategically exploits her physical prowess, paying homage to stigmatised displays of femininity. Choreographed and performed by Jenni, this haunting performance-art-dance straddles the entanglement of sex and power with jaw-clenching effort and sly innuendo.

‘Phantom Femme Fatale’ is the love-child and solo iteration of Jenni’s recent works. A remixed-collage of movement, costume, sound and concepts from ‘Wet Hard’, ’S U C K E R’ and ‘Body Body Commodity’.