Choreographer: Jenni Large
Collaborating performers: Jacopo Grabar, Liam Green, Sophie Jones, Chloe Leong, Kai Taberner, Mia Thompson, Chloe Young, Morgan Hurrell & Coco Wood
Sound desinger: Anna Whitaker
Costume designer: Aleisa Jehlbart
Lighting designer: Alex Berlarge
Dramaturgy: Ashleigh Musk
Rehearsal Directors: Richard Cilli & Charmeyne Yap
Special Thanks to Rafael Bonachela and all of the SDC staff and production crew

New Breed is generously supported by Carriage Works and The Balnaves Foundation.

S U C K E R | Sydney Dance Company, New Breed

Premiere season Nov 30 - Dec 17, Carriage Works on Gadigal Land

‘Suckling at the breasts of horror, shuddering with effort, our temptation throbs, our flesh ruptures and we find ourselves pulled into a discordant cult-like nightclub.

Knives screech, dripping heat - pain and pleasure fraternise in this space between the living and the dead, here where our darkest desires demand our undivided attention.

Beware the lipstick coated kiss of death - you know the tropes…

“Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh. Erotic nightmares beyond any measure and sensual day dreams to treasure forever… Don’t dream it, be it” - Rocky Horror Picture Show

Enter the cave, S U C K E R, what are you afraid of?’

Inspired by Vampiric culture and the filmic tropes of Horror/Fantasy/Comedy, in particular; Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Blade, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Queer for Fear… S U C K E R explores suspense, deviance and sex, interested in challenging modesty and stretching discomfort using a mix of un-nerving and entertaining theatrics...


Writen Interview by Neighbourhood Media Nov 28, 2022


“Jenni Large, inspired by Dracula, catapults nine vampires through your boundaries, brazenly breaking into your face. They thirst for your gaze, like fire enthralls a moth. Red hot passion flares from each dancer and kisses your eyes. They ignite into molten lead. Their melted fusion spits-out a sacrificial lamb, a reject, an outcast to be scoffed-down like crimson wine. Large’s SUCKER incandescently takes no prisoners.”
- Robin Knightly, Sydney Arts Guide

“In her video preface to SUCKER, Large jovially claims it as a meal you never wanted to attend but “you are here now, so eat up”. You could perhaps infer some Dracula-like activity on the part of the nine dancers (see the title, hear the screams and moans in Anna Whitaker’s score) but we must be seeing them after they have supped. Now they appear to be having a high old time as they prowl, writhe, slither, crawl, arrange and rearrange themselves on the floor in provocative poses and drag each other about. The dancers come up a treat wearing slinky bodysuits, long wigs, opera-length gloves and sultry expressions. There is spooky lighting, much of it red, naturally, and a terrific special effect.
SUCKER is to be enjoyed in the moment. It’s not the deepest work you’ll ever see nor is it as outrageous as Large seemed to promise, but what fun.”
- Deborah Jones, Limelight

Image credits:
Pedro Greig