Choreographer: Jenni Large
Sound Designer: Anna Whitaker
Costume Designer: Bronte Hilder
Lighting Designer: Alex Berlage

Collaborating Performers - Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year 2 Dancers: Jannah Allen, Wareya Anuyahong, Paige Carr, Lily Cole, Alisha Douglass, Thomas Evans, Tayla Gartner, Mia Hamilton, Stephanie Hedley, Hannah Joseph, Annaliese MacDonald, Luci Mann, Layla Meadows, Maya Miller, Lou Lou Mitsis, Zoe O’Bryan, Angus Onley, Sam Osborn, Xanthe Pheeney, Eva Puata, Sabine Roberts, Scout Robinson, Alani Siswoyo, Keisha Sunderland, Laura Taylor, Cameron Turner, Ally Young

Supported by Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Juliette Barton & Linda Gamblin

Synthetic Seduction | Sydney Dance Company PPY2

Drawling en masse like languorous cows, sensual undulations catch fire then rearrange with militant order
Pleasure remains political
Our ceaseless appetite for the next thing becomes a monotonous slow-motion fever dream
A treadmill of effort
Bear no delineation between the superficial and the salient
We are primal and modern, instinctively collaborative yet deeply vain
There is an obscurely alluring logic in this strangely cohesive world
Infinite identities, a united front
We make the rules but the rules made us…

Inspired by disparate references spanning film clips, TV show title art, A.I. and fashion, ‘Synthetic Seduction’ is an ensemble based choreography of moving images and rhythms which explores the seductive influences of media and popular culture.


Photos by Wendell Levi Teodoro