Choreographer, performer: Jenni Large
Musician, performer: Emily Sanzaro
Lighting & Production designer: Chris Jackson
Concept & curation: Adam Wheeler, Tasdance
Presented by: Tasdance & 10 Days On The Island

Trio for Harp, Harpist and Dancer
‘Where Do We Start?’ | TASDANCE

Premiere at 10 Days On The Island
11-13 March 2021

The harp, in its grand stature, seeping with ephemerality and historical weight is the centre point for a symbiotic exploration between musician and dancer. 

This short work facillitates the expression of two artists while simultaneously disrupting the conventions of each form locating the performers in new territory.  

Together embodying the symbology and weight of the harp, the performers draw on feelings of reverence and lamentation for female artists who’ve historically strived to be seen, heard and credited. ‘Trio for Harp, Harpist and Dancer’ attempts to hold and transfer the literal, historical and metaphorical weight of body, object and music.


“The standout is a collaboration between harpist Emily Sanzaro and dancer Jenni Large, transforming the harp from instrument into a third dancing body moving around the space. The exploratory resonance of voices and strings across the three bodies summons tenderness and strength, encapsulating a sensual and defiant resilience responding to more than just the pandemic.”
 -  Asher Warren, The Conversation

“In this new work, both Sanzaro and Large blur the boundaries of dancer and musician. From the outset both set up the harp, violin and loop machine; both create vocal harmonies exploring intimate parts of the massive harp; both move in efficient ways to achieve this. Eventually it is clear there is an incredible trust between the two artists as Sanzaro’s precious harp is manipulated and its human-scale weight given to Large to do with as she wishes. Trust and tension are drawn as clear lines through this piece, with the harp and bow bisecting the widest circle Large can embody. Sublime sounds fill the space. As a testament to the space these artists have created, there is a lengthy pause before the audience can react.”
-  Lesley Graham, Dance Australia


Concept for ‘Where Do We Start?’
A dancer and a musician meet for the first time – over Zoom. Together, they dream up a project that merges their creative visions. Into their microphones they ask: “Where do we start?”

From there, the conversation continues, resulting in a celebration of human connectedness and the joy of live performance from lutruwita/Tasmania’s own Tasdance. Four new duets from four creative collaborations forged during periods of social isolation will premiere in the lush surrounds of the Tamar Valley.

Image credits:
Nick Hanson